Punk Rock is Decadent & Depraved

by Desert Ratts

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released June 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Desert Ratts Las Cruces, New Mexico

Las Cruces folk punk straight from the gutters of the college slums! We hail from underfoot and seek to infest every genre of music that dares to challenge us!

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Track Name: I Play Acoustic Guitar, & You're More Punk Rock than Me, but thats Ok
Well ya go an' tell me that punk is dead,
I'll throw a brick straight at your head.
Cuz I'm up here doin my thing
and you're sittin' there watchin' me sing.
Too caught up in all you are you got folks convinced you're goin far.
Little do you know that aint the case
cuz you're just a human lost in space.
All we strive for is success
but in the end we just get excess
well I'm sick of you and all your greed
I wanna make sure you know we all bleed
Everything's finite we're gonna die,
some day we'll be part of that big blue sky
but for now get off that chair cuz your sittin' too high.

Well i can only play three chords, yes i know
but that don't stop me from playin' a show.
Grab my guitar and spit some words
even if im out there on the curb.
A chance for me to showcase my diction
since all most of you spit is fiction
Dont play my guitar like many can
so I just see how many words that i can cram.
I like songs that get get you thinkin'
and ya maybe they promote some drinkin'
Straight edge kids they don't understand
theyre too busy fighting the man.
cuz Friday night- What i like to do?
Call my buddies and grab some brew
or maybe call up my friend Mitchell "man, lets get smashed"

And I'll sit beside a bottle of gin
while i intake some oxygen
and think about the shit I've done
well I'll you my friends I've had some fun.
I've done stuff that dont really matter
like Sammy's window that i had to shatter
got twelve stitches in my left arm,
but i assured his ass i meant no harm.
Learned to brush off all that drama
and every now and them I call my mama.
When i see my family i gotta smile
i know that its been a while.
Pluck my guitar on their porch
with my ripped jeans and cut off shorts
cuz i like my life simple just like that.