One Reality

by Desert Ratts

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released January 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Desert Ratts Las Cruces, New Mexico

Las Cruces folk punk straight from the gutters of the college slums! We hail from underfoot and seek to infest every genre of music that dares to challenge us!

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Track Name: The Floor
I sit on my floor, it reminds me of my home
and it takes me to a time when i never felt alone.
People used to point ad say "look at him, hes filthy",
for this chip thats on my shoulder, look no further for the guilty.
When I'm on the streets, and I'm playin' songs for cash,
I'm just tryin' to pay my rent, not tryin' to add to my stash.
Because unlike most of you, I work hard for what i want
and i don't go to shows looking for some kids to taunt.
Instead I'll say "One Love" and at the same time "Fuck Reality"
Have you ever had to live with my kind of insanity?
If i don't write my lyrics down, my head just might explode,
so take most of my songs and flush them right down your commode
or better yet, drink the water, I'm told it tastes like shit
when the people in my home town don't think that I'm legit
but I'm that Desert Ratt and I'll still say "Fuck you sun"
Because if you think you're punk rock, man you best be havin' fun!

Am I the only one who is scared of their nuclear war?
Or am I just some dumb hippie smoking grass on my floor?
Did you even know they're passing more restriction bills?
My guess is probably not 'cuz you're too hopped up on their pills.
Well they call me Jess the Mess but there is more thats to my name
i open up my faucet and these words pour out my brain.
So while you just sit there and tell me to cut my hair,
i will ask you, "if you please, do you fucking care?"
but you don't, i can tell... you don't go to my shows...
and what you do instead, well only god knows.
For those of you who will listen, all i have to say is thanks,
now lets sit on our floors while They mobilize their tanks...
Track Name: New Mexico
There's trouble down in the barrio,
lets see how long it goes.
La frontera ya no es seguro
10 dead in New Mexico

When it comes down to it,
We're the ones cutting us down.
Should have been stopped long ago
What if they came down here,
and saw us dead on the ground?
Track Name: Your Dreams Are In Outer Space
This is a song i wrote in protest to the Spaceport America that is currently being built north of Las Cruces. I will never play this live, nor will i release chords or lyrics.

Track Name: Soldado
I saw a man today who lived a normal life.
Had himself a job and car and just married his wife.
You know, he was proud of where he had gone along his path,
but he got a phone call late one night while giving his son a bath.
Uncle Sam had beckoned him to go and fight at war,
so he grabbed his bags and kissed his wife then headed for the door.

A lonely siren bellowed in the darkened, desert sand
All his regiment suited up with their rifles close at hand.
He could have stayed behind and worked on his dreams
but he had an oath to fulfill for his country and his team.
Thy knew it was not their fight, but they had to carry on,
walkin' down that dusty road, nobody saw the bomb...

I saw a man today with no ears on his face
where his left leg once stood, a pole now takes its place.
Now he has two kids and his life has been made rough,
is this story what it takes for us to say enough.
Whats it going to take, for you to say "NO MORE"?
-and this song aint anti-patriotism, this song is anti-war.
Track Name: The Porch
I was contemplating sorts when i sat under your porch.
i was slowly thinking as my fingers grabbed another torch.
I put it to my lips and i tried to light it fast,
just to get a little smoke for my alveoli to grasp
but i guess I'm out of luck, it looks my lighter is broken
so i walk inside and sit right down, pick up a book from Tolkien.
Its just the kind of play to help my mind drift away,
"did i tell you i was going to try and stop smoking today?"
"I know I've said it before but this time I'm really serious
i haven't smoked all day, now I'm feeling real delirious"
Is this a song or just a rip from the bong?
I guess we tried to write some poem, but i guess i did it wrong...

Now I'm sitting down, and I'm playing my guitar
and I'm watching as you clumsily try to unlock your car.
I said "hey, if i may, you want to come and drink some wine?"
You said, "gosh boy, you look fine i just dont have the time"
"You see, i am far too busy living my life somewhere else,
and if i stay and drink with you, i might end up on the shelf"
and so i said, "thats ok, I'll get over it soon"
I told her now i draw my smiles just like a cartoon.
Truth is, you wont come back, and I'll be dead if you do.
But the chances are you'll wisen up and kill yourself too...